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Happy holidays!

Kickstart 2017

with a free gift certificate for a one hour coaching conversation

Thank you for sharing coaching with your loved ones.

You might already know, but the reason that I do what I do is because of my own personal journey, which you can read about in more detail hereIt might be easy to assume that my past suffering is what motivates what I do but that's not the whole truth. It was the gracious kindness of those who would lend me their strength and give me the space and time to find my own that makes me want to pay it all forward.

What good is my journey if it cannot help yours?

So thank you again for sharing this experience with others and helping me pay it forward.

xoxo, Che

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it's as easy as 1,  2... possibly 3

1. Fill out this form.

2. A Gift Certificate is sent

3. Print out and give or Email

Not sure what to say? Don't worry, I got you. Copy and paste the text on your right into your own email body. Tweak it as you like before sending it out!

Dear Peter Example,


Happy Holidays! I thought I'd give you a special gift this year.

A one hour coaching conversation with Coach Che!

Give her a call to schedule a conversation. If you've never coached before don't worry. She is very awesome and super NOT SCARY!


I've had some experience with her and I thought I'd share that experience with you. It's nice to have someone to talk to about the things that matter most to you.


I hope this brings 2017 in with a bang!


Love, Joanne For Instance

And your done!

Allow up to 24 Hours for the Gift Certificate to arrive.

Thank you again! Che

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