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Shift Happens is a guideline to a life of purpose and peace.

Get to know your thoughts and emotions, discover the source of their fluctuations, and liberate yourself from patterns and conditioning that hold you back from experiencing life fully.

Download this fun (and free!) introduction to "The Power and Pitfall of the 'Story of Me': How Mistaking 'Identity' for 'Self' Disrupts Our Natural State of Well-Being" 

Shift #1:


Self ≠ Identity

Learn To:

  • Relax and let go

  • Conserve energy

Shift #2:


Quality of State of Mind = Quality of Choice


Learn To:

  • Expend energy wisely

  • Create opportunity

Shift #3:

be present

Flow = Momentum


Learn To:

  • Work with life

  • Live at the speed of life

Anchor 1

Working with Che has been a refreshing journey. It has always been a pleasure to get on the call and speak to her knowing that her insights and general disposition would bring me to a renewed platform from which to reassess what, at that time, might have felt frustrating. I have definitely not only gotten closer to attaining my goal but learned a whole bunch along the way!  A great listener, she has an inspiring ability to connect seemingly disconnected dots and highlight patterns that were often less visible before our session. I have found her not only sensitive and sensible but a whole lot of fun... she's definitely worth it!

-Joan, Singapore

Through my journeys, both professional and personal, I have yet to meet someone who has touched my life or provided more insight than che has.

-Jerry, ottawa

Che Meriales is a very creative and intuitive person who employs artistic ways of taking you where you want to go... she has the experience and expertise a lot of professionals and entrepreneurs like me can benefit from.

-Leidy, Montreal

My professional success today is directly linkable to che and her insights.

-Max, Montreal

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