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"I'm going to have to science the 
out of this."

Fun fact! Did you know that the etymological root of the word 'science' is the Latin 'scientia,' meaning 'to know, understand?'

3 years of Latin, baby. Worth. Every. Cent.

Life is one great experiment and frankly I'm just not that comfortable unless I'm tinkering around and pushing boundaries. So strap on your safety goggles, tighten that apron, and take note of the emergency rinse area because this is the Lab.

Welcome and please feel free to explore the latest experiments and pilot projects. 


An innovative experiential personal development, leadership training, and team building program that will not only inspire you and your team but benefit the planet too. You're welcome.


Welcome to the             

    Shift Show

How to disseminate information in a manageable way when you're as "prolifically creative" as I am?

Funnel all of it here.

Print, video, and whatever else comes along. 

voice of the free

In 2013 I spearheaded a project that we called We Love Heroes in support of the work against human trafficking by Cecilia Oebanda and the Voice of the Free (formerly Visayan Forum) in the Philippines.

In 2019, we will be rerunning the project.

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